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Mobile Legends Hero Roles are divided into Tank, Assassin, Marksman, Fighter, Mage, and Support. Players can choose among the six categories and bring their team to victory. In deciding what kind of hero one must select, each seat should consider both their specialty and adjustments needed for their advantage. Hero pick is one of the major variables in order to win the match.

Which of the roles in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang heroes do you think suits your way of playing? Here is the list and their respective features by MLBB:

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

TANK – Tank heroes are the most durable among all mobile legends heroes. These front-line giants help in attacking enemies. They urge their teammates who are using marksman or assassin heroes to facilitate the attack. Tanks also help to protect fragile heroes. You cannot determine the tank’s skills in its durability alone. When used properly, a tank could be the strongest hero in mobile legends.

ASSASSIN – Assassin heroes are the ones who focus on the positioning of the battle. They wisely plan their attack and tactically kill their enemies. Assassins choose their targets and aim at them carefully. Because they have low hit points (HP), it’s ideal for experienced gamers to use them. Some fighters are less durable, making fighters easy to kill if used wrongly.

MARKSMAN – Looking for heroes that can do strategic attacks from a distance? Well, marksman heroes are perfect for you. This type of hero is best paired with tanks or fighters. A marksman destroys turrets quickly, too. During a game, it is best to stay at an ideal distance to protect this hero. Marksman heroes are less durable, so that makes it easy for them to get killed.

FIGHTER – Marksman heroes fight from a distance, along with tanks. Meanwhile, fighter heroes fight closer to their enemy, making sure they leave a huge loss. Fighters can be used alone; however, teaming up with a marksman will be of huge help.

MAGE – Mage in MOBA games means magician. They cause damage to nearby enemies using magic. Given this, mage heroes are highly important in any team. Their main strength is not their physical attack but their ability effects. Most of the mage heroes in Mobile Legends are low in durability, so be careful when trying to fight the enemies alone.

SUPPORT – Support heroes protect their allies in battles. Their main role is to aid their teammates. Support heroes help mobile legends heroes that are less durable and easy to kill, such as the marksman heroes.

Source: MLBB FAQ Section

Moreover, some heroes have double roles like Tank/Fighter, Assassin/Magic, Marksman/Fighter, Marksman/Assassin, Mage/Support, etc. It does not mean that these heroes are stronger than those who act a single role. This only means that a hero like that can be used as one of its double categories depending on the player. Heroes possess their unique passive attacks, so choose wisely!

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