RJ Villanueva grew up in a small family in Paco, Manila; with the the simple guidance of his parents to shape much of who he is today. God-fearing, and instilled with the values to succeed, he is most fond of his younger days spent bowling.

A San Beda College alumnus from elementary to college, he felt the need to find out what set him apart, and hone himself on those skills. He opted to study business management and entrepreneurship.  

After graduating, he started small as a cashier at an internet café, eventually working up to actually managing the business, and ultimately acquiring his own share. Schooling had paid off.

In 2003 RJ started putting together a concept for what would one day become Marvill Web Development. Much of his time was devoted to research on exactly what he needed to start a web development business: key factors, functions, and people.

It took some time, but in 2009 he to put his thoughts into action. Starting with the right people, he teamed up with Angelo Marco Cantada, and Jenelle Justalero, who both felt the opportunity for mutual growth.

Motivated to create something great, they started completely from scratch. The foundation of their budding enterprise was built on family values.

Given time, they grew Marvill Web Development into a successful and self-sufficient operation. To RJ, their success was not so much on the business, but that it represented family rather than an atypical corporate structure.

Another goal they had achieved was to create a community of growth. Both experienced web developers and designers, as well as young aspirants could work and learn from each other.

The philosophy at Marvill is giving back. This way, every generation, whether they stay or move on, promotes the quality within, as well as the field of information technologies as a whole.

Opportunities within the industry have afforded RJ to look beyond Marvill. Some of these open doors include MRV-Tracking Solutions: a GPS and tracking business, as well as Grab and Uber ridesharing innovators for their corporate vehicles. Every opportunity counts.

These outside endeavors have shown him that there’s more to maintaining Marvill as a self-sustaining business. There’s always room to grow, and with that in mind RJ decided to build on Marvill’s success and build a brand for himself.

Always wanting to set himself apart, RJ set his sights for the top of the web development tiers. High risks come with high rewards, as he narrowed down his clientele to those willing to commit to quality.

When the big fish look for solutions to big IT problems, they can look to Marvill. There’s no room for apprehension when you’re aiming for the best: RJ makes sure his name is synonymous to premium web development.

Currently, RJ is building his brand into a network that extends beyond information technologies to provide exceptional quality to multiple fields, with each element of the network supporting each other; creating a diverse system catering to the highest patron needs.

He takes pride in working with his extended family at Marvill, and on hard days, he’s thankful for the Playstation he had installed in the office. It really helps.