Mobile Legends Game Modes

Mobile Legends Game Modes

Mobile Legends Game Modes: This article is for amateurs who wish to know more about the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and the game modes they offered. It is one of the MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) that are popular and played by a lot of Filipino today. MLBB is not just entertaining, but will also hone your strategic thinking. Indeed, a fun and exciting game for everyone!


Classic Mode

Mobile Legends Game ModesIt is the first game mode. All other game modes are based on the Classic rules. This mode allows you to play 5 vs 5 without fear of losing Rank, but your win rate will be affected, both on the hero side and overall. Classic Mode is ideal for beginners to Mobile Legends who want to get a feel for the game. You can use any hero you have, as well as the Weekly Free Heroes and trial cards, at your leisure. However, no two heroes will exist in the same squad. You won’t be able to alter heroes until you’ve confirmed to equip them, so choose wisely. If you want to play more casually or refine your skills with a new hero, Classic Mode is a great place to start.


Versus AI

Mobile Legends Game ModesIt will put players against each other in a 5 VS. 5 matchup, considerably like any other mode. However, instead of competing against real-time opponents, you can compete against computer-controlled opponents. You will be up against an AI (Artificial Intelligence) team that is controlled by a computer. In most cases, the VS A.I Mode is used as a practice ground for new heroes. Since the result of a match played in this game mode has no bearing on your game statistics, you will win battle points after a VS A.I match is completed. Players will practice against the machine with up to four mates, as normal.


Rank Game

RankRanked Game’s seven division are Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend, and Mythic, which run for three months and are arranged from lowest to highest: Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend, and Mythic. The lowest division in the game is Warrior, while the strongest is Mythical Glory. Players will be matched with opponents and allies that are in the same or close to the same Ranked Division as them. When you win a match in a Ranked Game, you will receive one star, while losing a Ranked Game will result in one star being deducted. Friends may be invited to play in ranked games with them. Solo, Duo, Trio, and Squad Match-ups are all possible in a Ranked Game.


Brawl Mode

BrawlIt willl give you the choice of choosing between two random heroes only. In both teams, there is only one lane and two turrets defending the base in this mode. When compared to Classic Mode and Ranked, Brawl matches normally last a lot less time. This form of match is ideal for restoring credit scores that have been damaged by news and AFK actions. Everyone will start with 800 gold and heroes at Level 3 instead of Level 1 at the start of the game. All players will spawn in a circle, which will be the only area where you can purchase items. Unless you are defeated and respawn within the circle, you will be unable to purchase any things until you leave the circle, regardless of how much gold you have.



Archade Mode


Mobile legends do not just offer the classic 5 versus 5 players but also come up with different types of matching and gameplay. In Arcade mode, there are several modes underneath it.


Magic Chess mode. This gameplay makes the player think of a strategic position of its heroes to eliminate all his opponents before him, last player standing will savor the victory.

Mayhem mode. It is a normal 5v5 battle but enhanced and powers up the heroes’ skills for a fast-paced game. Players can earn exp and gold quicker when they reach level four. This mode is quicker than the classic model of the game.

Mirror mode. In this mode, players will use one hero throughout the game. It is a 5v5, but the players only use one hero that their team most picks.

Death battle mode. In this mode, the player must choose a hero from a set of 12 random heroes. The list of heroes is the same for you and the opponent team. The first team to take 30 kills will win the match.

Evolve mode, in this mode players, begins as an orb and they take energy lights to evolve into a minion. Once evolved, the players must kill monsters and other players to evolve. The player who became lord and wiped all the players, win the match.

Ravage mode. It is a 3vs3 mode in which each team must collect 15 Aquamarines and protect them for 30 seconds from the enemies. The struggle of this mode is when the player who holds the most aquamarine dies the enemy team has a chance to steal it.

Chess TD mode. In this mode, 6 players will be distributed into 6 maps to challenge each other and with minions. Players can purchase heroes from their lineup, loots, and enhancement gear for the troops to stop the opponent from reaching their tower. The map is random for every match. Almost like Magic Chest but the difference is the map. There are platforms here where heroes are placed and stop the opponent to reach the base.

Mirror Mayhem mode. This mode is a combination of the Mayhem mode and mirror mode. 5v5 players with buff up hero’s skills and fast-paced earning of gold and exp.

Arena mode, in this mode it is a 1v1 tower hustle game and the purpose is to annihilate the rival’s Little Commander.

Shadow Brawl mode. It is similar to the brawl mode, but it is combined with the mechanics of the Mirror mode.

Survival mode is a 3 player in a team versus the other 99 players on the battlefield. In this mode, the player will drop according to their wants to kill the monster for loot. Then like any other survival game, this mode fights until one team or one of the team survives the battleground.



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Authors: Jekka Ko & Charlene Castelo



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