Ang Paborito Ni Boss: CHICKEN SALPICAO Available Soon!


PNB Wings a chicken restaurant, has a lot of ideas to give you the best dishes for chicken recipes.  We are excited to announce that we will release our newest menu to delight all of our beloved Ka-Paboritos. PNB CHICKEN SALPICAO WILL BE AVAILABLE IN OUR DIFFERENT PLATFORMS VERY SOON than you expected! It will certainly a mouth-watering one that you can share with your family and friends.

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I am pretty sure that a lot of you are not familiar with the food we are offering.

The word sounds like a foreign word and you are wondering what it tastes like. The Chicken Salpicao is Spanish or Portuguese cuisine. The term “Salpicao” is originated from the Spanish word “Salpicar” which means “to sprinkle with.” Relating to its name, this delicacy is traditionally made by sauteing small cubes of beef with garlic, olive oil, and soy sauce to the mix to make it flavorful.

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Currently, Salpicão specifies a sausage in Portugal. On the other hand, the Brazilian Salpicao is famous for its remaining indigenous people. It is being cooked using chicken, beef, vegetables, and grains, with some citrus. There are many varieties of this cuisine that it can be prepared with cream or mayonnaise. When it comes to Salpicão em centinhas (Salpicão in little cups), the dish is presented as an appetizer poured at the center of pastry dough made in advance.

In the Philippines, we have our own version of beef or chicken Salpicao. Assuming that our country was colonized by the Spaniards for over 400 years that might be a derivative of Salpicao.

We, “Ang Paborito Ni Boss” wants our customers to experience the PNB version of Chicken Salpicao made by no other than Mr. Ryan John Villanueva.

Please support our upcoming product and we are confident that you will not regret trying our PNB Chicken Salpicao.

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