What’s inside the “Learn! Korean With BTS” Book Package



The Hallyu Wave (Korean Wave) hits the Philippines so hard. A lot of us are admiring their music, dramas, snacks, beauty products, and idols. In response to that, we love them so much for wanting to adapt to their culture.


Do you want to learn the Korean Language while enjoying what you are doing? Well, “Learn! Korean With BTS” Book Package is the key!


If you are a BTS fan or specifically an ARMY, the Bangtan Boys can help you learn Korean. Start studying your idols’ language, and you will no longer have to read subtitles to understand them. You can sing along with their catchy songs, watch music videos, and vibing with their shows effortlessly without looking at the translation below.


The book package includes:


  • Speaking Pen

You can listen to correct pronunciation using this pen. It has a high-quality speaker that will guarantee clear sounds. The volume is adjustable depending on what you need. This pen comes with a Korean and can translate into English, Japanese, and Spanish to help you learn.


  • 4 Books Set (Compatible with the Pen)

The book set is consists of four volumes that will help you to easily learn the Korean Language. Aside from that, they have voice messages from RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, members of BTS inside. Learning is more fun with the main and supporting characters of the books.


  • Study Note (Compatible with the Pen)

Takedown important notes and make a study plan with this study note. You can also listen to BTS’ inspiring messages like the book set. Writing is more enjoyable with the Bangtan Boys!


  • Bookmark

This bookmark is shining and the atmosphere symbolizes the love of BTS for their ARMYs. This one quoted one part from their recent hit song “Life Goes On” that made us happier during these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic. It also has a photo of the group in a cozy scene that will make us feel at peace.


Learning the Korean Language is easier when you are using accurate resources that are understandable and extraordinary. The book package by the K-Pop Phenomenal, BTS is perfect for you!


Always remember that learning this is not only for fun, but will benefit you in the long run.






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