Marvill Web Development 2.0 Makes Landfall

Marvill Web Development

Ten years ago, the Marvill team got busy developing a website that would make their name synonymous with web development in the Philippines. Ten years and countless projects later, they celebrate this decade of success with a total revamp of their very

Over the years, work on project sites meant more focus on clientele and less on themselves. The Marvill Web Development website has been growing outdated until now. To reflect their burgeoning , the team will be taking the site out from 2009, all the way to the present. Marvill 2.0 goes live today, brighter and bolder than before, proudly showcasing how far they’ve come to get here.

The Facade

Dark mode is the theme that greets you. Having discussed this trend on this blog before, it’s only it’s important to note the implementation on the revamp as well. It’s easy on the eyes, and easy on device resources; things people will appreciate. Black is cool, appealing, and always taken seriously. It makes the visitors feel good, and makes the content stand out.

The bold layout showcases the designers’ pride. Modular and windowed, it gives off a sleek and minimalist energy. And yet, at the same time, scrolling through different segments feels smooth and seamless. These are subtle factors that determine how people will feel about the website, and how they relate to it.

The website isn’t just going live, it is alive. Features such as animations and the layering of fields demonstrate the latest in development and design. Although dark, the colors are vibrant, the icons of platforms and partners are striking. Features that stand out support the branding of everyone involved, especially Marvill themselves.

The Features

Although the message remains unchanged, the delivery of which has been polished. The website’s content now reflects Marvill Web Development’s emphasis on branding. The navigation tells the story. You know you’re being walked through a web development business as you scroll through the site. Key portions where the visitor’s gaze will land, relevant information is dispensed. Everything is there for you.

People who are new to the Marvill website, will immediately see what platforms they offer, and what they’re working with. If you’re looking to do business with them, everything you need to know is served to you clean and simple. Anything more than that is available in detail further back in the website. These include their history, their business model, their programs outside web development in the Philippines. Marvill 2.0 may be stronger for the brand, but it hasn’t lost its heart.

The Foresight

The website represents Marvill Web Development. Just because they’re make websites for a living doesn’t mean revamping their own is just another job. All the critical changes made are changes within Marvill itself. The new website is a teaser for what the team has in store next. Bigger projects, ambitious partnerships, and digital business features all across the board.

While website construction will remain their bread and butter, a brand’s digital footprint doesn’t end with their home page. Everything from custom user interfaces to back-end customer relationship management, can be implemented. Looking to automate staff or general management and efficiency? Marvill Web Development now boasts tools that can be made to any business’ specifications. Get the right message across to the right people with dedicated content writing and social media marketing. And most critically of all: SEO. Making sure your brand stays relevant online, with the traffic you need depends on new strategies of search engine optimization.

These are just a glimpse of everything about to unfold at Marvill Web Development. A new website and direction for the brand, translate to new and exciting opportunities for those seeking the services. Be on the lookout for promotions as strong as half off on your website’s construction. Stay close and keep an ear out for what Marvill will be bringing to the next decade of their career with you.

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