Ang Paborito Ni Boss Pt. 1 – Chicken Wings

There are many paths to being an entrepreneur. But the simplest avenue is to take what you like or often do, and make businesses out of them. Ideally you want to make your interests and routines pay for themselves. In the case of our very own RJ Villanueva, it’s what he likes to eat.

The Marvill head himself realized that meals during and right after office hours could be done better. More specifically, more to his liking. Rather than thinking of what to have everyday, and then placing an order, why not have it ready on demand? What if there was a kitchen that served all his favorites, ready to satisfy a craving at any time?

The result was a kitchen aptly named “Ang Paborito Ni Boss.” Situated in the Makati foodpark Sizes, they have the added bonus sharing the boss’ menu with everyone else. They serve all sorts of classic Filipino dishes, alongside other interesting gems such as their wagyu beef meals. But this review will be dedicated to their popular chicken wings that come in all sorts of enticing flavors.

Let’s be brief:

Soy Garlic

The flavors are exactly what you’d expect given the name, but neither of the major elements are overpowering. The result is a mild balance that puts more emphasis on the soft texture of the wings. Definitely not adobo.

Honey Lemon Glazed

The flavors focus on a striking mix of sweetness and zing. The strong aromas carry these, and enhance the taste even further

Louisiana Dry Rub

The textures of this blend, for me, are the most reminiscent of classic American fried chicken. If you’re a fan of this style this is the recipe you want to try. The added bonus that makes the Louisiana blend different are the exotic spices used in abundant quantities


The best part about adding Sriracha to anything is the amount of heat it brings without interfering with any of the original flavor. This is in contrast to a lot of other hot sauces that have a sweeter or sour kick to them. What you get is the well cooked flavor of the wings themselves, with a strong spiciness mixed in. It also feels like the most savory of the options


Depending on how you like your Teriyaki, this is a matter of opinion. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the sauce, and with that, I prefer it mild. That said, I managed to enjoy this blend as it was just the right strength for me. It’s light: just enough to let your tastebuds know it’s Teriyaki sauce, but not too much that you forget there’s good chicken underneath. Despite not liking the sauce too much, ironically, this turned out to be my favorite of all the wings

Garlic Parmigiano

I’m the kind of person who believes that Parmigiano can be paired with almost any dry take on meat. So just having this on the menu is a bold move. Now, garlic wings alone would already be a satisfying order by itself. And, you wouldn’t be wrong if you called them out for just adding Parmigiano on top of it. But that’s exactly what it is, and what makes it good. It’s the simplicity of taking two good flavors and working them together.

Even though I have my preferences, food is food, and each is worthy for you to try out for yourselves. You can also improve the entire experience further by pairing the wings with their garlic rice. You really can’t go wrong there. They also provide plastic gloves for those who really want to dig into it. They say food tastes better when eaten with your hands.

Ang Paborito Ni Boss, as well as the Sizes foodpark are located along Chino Roces. It’s one man’s hope to have the food he loves, share with others, all the while maintaining sustainability. Give their wings a try, there’s surely a flavor among them that will fill more than your stomach, perhaps even, your soul. Stay tuned for the next batch of reviews where we explore the rest of their savory menu.

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