Manila Bay’s White Sand Were Open to Public Last Weekend

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The trending white sand of Manila Bay in Roxas Boulevard was open for public viewing last weekend. A lot of people gathered to the area’s baywalk to experience the local white beach in the city during its temporary opening. It received several criticisms because people seem to ignore the fact that COVID-19 confirmed cases are continuously rising.

Visitors were permitted to take a look, but swimming is prohibited due to pollution concerns. Only 50 persons were allowed at a time last Saturday, and increased to 80 persons at a time last Sunday, with each batch allowed to stay for three to five minutes. The area is now closed to the public for Phase 2 of the beach nourishment project.

Manila Bay Reclamation Project is currently a debatable topic on the internet. The government, in the midst of the pandemic, spent a cost of P28 Million for the crushed dolomite and spread as part of rehabilitation efforts. Also, the Department of Health (DOH) raised alarm over mass gathering in the place. Some people below 21 years old and senior citizens who are forbidden from going outside due to virus vulnerability were seen in Manila Bay without observing strict social distancing.

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