TRESE is finally out on Netflix today, 11th of June 2021. It is a horror/crime anime that follows Alexandra Trese, a peculiar detective in the Philippines who specializes in supernatural crimes. She must combat the supernatural crime syndicate that threatens to ruin the City of Manilla with the help of two mystical creatures.

Filipino anime fans got excited when Netflix premiered the trailer on May 21st and dropped the sneak peek yesterday. It is available both in an English and Filipino language version. 

Trese is the first Filipino comics/literary work to be adapted for Netflix. Hopefully, this will pave the way for more Filipino materials in the future!

Trese is finally out on Netflix
It is time to know more about the horror of the Philippine Myth!

The Series Trese translated in English as Thirteen. The series is according to the Philippine Mythological creatures.  It is an award-winning horror/comic book written by Budjette Tan and illustrated by Kajo Baldisimo.  It was published years back in 2005. Since 2020 November, the Trese announces to be animated and released as a Netflix original by 2021. The anime was based on Filipino folklore and crimes, such as the death of the white lady in Balete drive and more.

The setting was the usual roads and trains that are legitimately existing and have been discussed and debated for centuries about the existence of the mythical creatures. Others say they do not exist but others still believe they exist especially when the darkness covers the land.

Trese: Insane Marketing Stunt

“Siyudad namin ito. Layas.” – written on one billboard promoting the anime adaptation of an award-winning novel “Trese”.

A good marketing idea for a horror themed series shakes viewers out of fear but also stirs their curiosity. Days before the launch of Trese, the billboard ads on some highways appeared to be “vandalized” by unknown entities.

Trese Marketing Strategy

Upon hearing about the evil spirits destroying Trese’s posters and billboards, netizens claimed that this is just one of those weird and disturbing marketing strategies. Some also says that this promotion is inspired by the weekly Sunday show “Kapuso Mo Jessica Sojo”.

Netizens also suggested that Trese should have a collaboration with the said Sunday show to further investigate the mystery of “vandalized” and torn billboards caused by evil spirits.

At a virtual presscon, the director of the series, Jay Oliva, has admitted that it was all part of the “amazing” plans of the marketing team. He just acted like he had no idea to earn the audience’ interest.

Philippine Animation Industry

For more than 40 years, the Philippines has been providing quality animation servicesto prominent international studios abroad such as Walt Disney, Cartoon Network, DreamWorks, and Warner Bro


Starting with traditional animation in the 1980s, the industry has now expanded to more complex types of services, primarily with the support of emerging technologies used in creative work and animation. Hence, the industry is now part of the five IT and IT-enabled services under the fast growing Philippine Information Technology- Business Process Management Industry.

Why does Philippine animation industry is haven’t recognize before? It is because lack of large animation companies capable of supporting and fulfilling large international clients. Since most of the companies are small and medium in scale, the industry is seen to be fragmented with small players doing their individual work without minding the collective capacity of the industry. With the opportunities available, the industry needs to find a way to consolidate its efforts in order to bring in the bigger contracts which will be ultimately beneficial for the industry as a whole.

Filipino Anime
Hayop Ka!

In fact, we had  a thousands of talented animators but, sadly, we are not known for ideating and producing our own work. There has been less than 10 animated feature films in the entire 100 year history of Philippine cinema, and we want to continue adding to that, while also hoping that little by little, someday Filipino animators can be known as not just service providers, but creators as well.

Now there are around 10,000 animators working in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry alone – and that number excludes animators working in permanent in-house roles. Animation is a growing profession in the Philippines and a popular choice for tech-savvy young people at university, so there’s no shortage of brilliant candidates. Animation outsourcing to the Philippines is already popular for tech companies around the world, and the Philippine animation industry is set to grow even further over the next few years. But the animation industry is now strong enough to contemplate expansion beyond the US production line to Filipino original content.

Growing Industry
Automation, protectionism, and geopolitical shifts have seen the Philippine Information Technology and Business Process Management (IT-BPM), an industry association, tempering its goals, though the animation sector remains somewhat robust.

The compound annual growth rate for the revenue of the combined animation and game development sectors up to 2022 was projected at 14% in 2016, according to the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines.

Why should we watch TRESE?

  1. Based on original Filipino Comics
  2. The animation is on a high level.
  3. You will know more about the Horror Philippine Mythology and different mythical creatures.
  4. It is dubbed and available in both Filipino and English.
  5. You should support local!

Authors: Charlene Castelo, Louela Chica, Ivann Endozo, Jekka Ko, Reynalyn Mandeoya

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