Bleach Brave Souls Daily Task Fast Run


Bleach Brave Souls Daily Task Fast Run –  You get 5 Spirit Orbs Daily by completing the daily task so that means another 150 Orbs per month can be generated just by doing this. In this article, I will show you an efficient way on how you can finish it very systematically if you just want to get those orbs in a jiff.

The first thing you would want to do when this starts is to do your Guild Quest. By doing the Guild Quest you will be able to get the 5 PVP Ticket Reward. So this means that even when you maxed out your PVP Ticket as long as you finish and clear your Guild Quest you will be able to accomplish your PVP Task.

Next, you wanna do is to claim all those PVP Tickets and go to VS in this mode you will be required to finish at least 5 PVP Battles.

When you’re done with that then you can go to Co-Op then here you will just have to do any Quest using 5 Ticket Mode, This is not available in Inheritance Trials so if you’re in a rush I suggest just do the Coin Trial and at least it will help you save some Coins for your account daily.

Lastly, you have to a standard single-player quest using 30 Soul Tickets again you can do any of the quests just finish it 30 times. However, if you are in a rush I suggest go to Resurrection Rings quest this is the fastest way to finish that 30 Soul tickets when you are in a rush.

Here is a short video to show you how to do this: let’s See how Fast we can finish this.

If you have Extra Time to Spare I suggest doing the Scrolls and  Challenge which is only available once daily, Do the Inheritance Trial also if you can since this is only available 5 Runs Max Daily for Single Player Mode.

This routine is very useful for those that are casual gaming players only, be careful to try to finish as much as you can with other tasks as it would really eat so much time and probably make you feel burden or stress. Just enjoy it.

For those that are in lockdown if you wanna grind this out well probably this is the best time to do it. 

22 Minute Run to finish all of the daily tasks – For Casual Gamers – In the Game, I think this could be shorter if not for the Co-Op Task Interruptions and Errors. This is where i think Klab should improve in fixing especially when you’re doing Co-Op Inheritance Trials.

Bleach Brave Souls Daily Task is a minimum time that you can spend to get the most out of the game each day.

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