Bleach Brave Souls


Bleach is popular anime in Japan that is base on the story of Kurosaki Ichigo a substitute soul reaper who has acquired his powers from Kuchiki Rukia when forced to protect his family. The anime features several characters with their own unique abilities using their Bankai.

The movie can be watched at Netflix for you to have a short idea about it:

Check out “Bleach” on Netflix

Probably you would want to check also the anime version so that you can get to know more of the other characters that have not been mentioned in the movie.

Now before you get started here are some things that you would want to know first.

Bleach Brave Soul is a game of collection of characters this means that at some point you cannot just focus on one character. It was meant to collect and level up all the characters to their maximum potential.

This game although you might be able to interact is limited in its own. You can play with other users using the Co-Op challenges but the interactions are limited. Mostly Co-Op quest is just used to gather materials to power up your characters.

5 Star Gold Characters are the only characters that can be evolved to a 6 Star. They are powered up by using Crystals from 0 to 100.

6 Star Gold Characters are achieved from the 5 Star when reaching 100 and powering up the soul tree. Once powered up you will then be able to use hogyoku to evolve your character to a 6 Star Character then it will start back to 0. At this point to reach level 200 you would need jewels to power up the soul tree and 3 hogyoku’s will to release your character at level 150. To be able to reach level 200 you would need to get droplets to power the remaining soul tree.

Well, you will get it when you’re playing it already.

List of Game Modes within the BBS (Bleach Brave Souls)

  1. Story Mode/Sub Story Mode
  2. PVP Mode
  3. Events
  4. Co-Op
  5. Senkaimon
  6. Epic Raids

Some Characters that are a must have;

  1. Retsu TYBW (Thousand Year Blood War)
  2. Power Toshiro (Adult Toshiro)
  3. Ulquiorra (Anniversary Edition)
  4. Yhwach (TYBW)
  5. Aizen (Fused with the Hogyuku’s Will)
  6. Kenpachi (TYBW)
  7. Byakuya (TYBW)
  8. Yamamoto (One  Hand)
  9. Chad (Full Bring)
  10. Kisuke (TYBW)

There are over a Thousand Characters already in BBS. Every 15th Day and 30th Day of the month BBS releases a new character.


  1. Summon on Banners that you really like the character the ratio is very small so you might be waiting for your orbs.
  2. For 2 to 4 Star Characters don’t power their whole soul tree use your crystals on 5 Star Characters only
  3. Don’t Power Up 5 Star Silver Characters you cannot evolve this just get the orbs and use it for character requirements for your 6 Star Gold Characters.

For Philippine Users, you cannot download the app in Play Store just download the updated app at APKPure.

Enjoy BBS we will give you some updates on relevant things on the next blog.

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