Teppanya means “House of Teppanyaki”, which take pride in serving a wide variety of authentic modern Japanese Cuisine along with a unique dining experience that’s perfect for making core memories with friends and family.

Menu & Food

Teppanya offers a wide selection of Japanese cuisine in addition to a distinctive dining experience that is ideal for creating priceless memories with loved ones.

The fried rice and meat combination was so delicious that it instantly melts in your mouth. The lobster was really fresh and well cooked. And of course, the ramen. This bowl of comfort was a symphony of flavors. The rich, umami-laden broth enveloped the springy noodles. The array of toppings added a delightful complexity, making each spoonful a revelation.

Experience & Review

The impeccable service at this Japanese restaurant surpassed my expectations. The staff was warm, courteous, and well-versed in their knowledge of Japanese cuisine. They were more than happy to guide me and my whole family through the menu, suggesting dishes that would suit our preferences and explaining the ingredients and cooking techniques in detail. Their attention to detail and genuine care for their guests made us feel so welcome and valued.


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