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Essential Apps – BPI App on PlayStore and AppStore

From 2019 BPI or Bank of the Philippine Islands has truly made huge leaps with their mobile banking app. They have integrated some key features that help you manage your account with limited access to going to your Bank. These changes truly made this app Essential App for 2020 to 2021.

Some of the Key Features that are improved in the Mobile App are as follows;

  1. Biometric Login and Approval of Transactions – On your devices, you can log in using your biometric fingerprint registered under your mobile phone. Additional to these features is the ability to make transactional approval for enrolled accounts using the biometric fingerprint this also adds additional security on your other devices when a transaction is made on your secondary device it will then prompt you with authentication that has to be made with using your fingerprint on your primary device.
  2. Reloading your E-Wallets -with several Major E-Wallets available in general circulation these days BPI made reloading easier by adding a tab for Reloading the following E-Wallets – GCASH, PAYMAYA, BEEP, EasyTrip, Autosweep RFID, DBIZ Pay, and  GetGo.
  3. Notifications just got better by allowing your mobile device to receive alerts for eCommerce and bank deposits thru push notification or SMS notification.
  4. Managing your transaction and Generating Account Statements – With the new app you can now monitor your outstanding loans and the details of the loan and when will it be debited to or due for payment. In addition to this, you can also manage all your bank statements for the last 6 months and download it in PDF format for whatever use you may need it.
  5. eCommerce online payment debit card – powered by MasterCard you can now make online transactions using your ATM card as a Debit Card for ease of transaction.

Well, these are some key features of the new mobile app from BPI. Don’t let the Pandemic stop you from being able to earn a living and budget funds to help you move these trying times.

We will provide you in our APP Review Category of other Essential Apps – BPI Islands and other related Banking Apps that Marvill Web Development Philippines can review for your day-to-day needs.


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