EMPRESS Unit Type Overview

Empress Unit Type Overview

EMPRESS Unit Type Overview:

EMPRESS Unit Type Overview the Empress has 771 Units available from STUDIO, 1BR, 2BR, 3BR Flats, and 3BR Bi-Level. It has 51 Residential floors with 831 Parking Units. It has 1 Podium Amenity Level with 3 Levels of Podium parking spaces and has 7 levels of basement parking.


In this article, we will share some of the details for the 1 Bedroom Units. Here are some photos: Click to View 3D Walkthrough.

Empress Unit Type Overview
Relax the Night Away


Empress Unit Type Overview
A calm and easy afternoon to make your day.


Empress Unit Type Overview
Enjoy Good Food with your loved ones


The 1 Bedroom Units range from 65 sqm to 76 sqm. Here are some images of the floor plan.


1 Bedroom Park View Level 7
Level 7 – Park View


1 Bedroom Park View Level 8 - 21
Level 8 to 21 – Park View Floor Plan


Horizon View Floor Plan

1 Bedroom Horizon Views Level 22- 37
Level 22 to 37 Horizon View Floor Plan


Skyline View

1 Bedroom Skyline Views Level 38 - 41
Level 38 to 41 Skyline View



Summit View

1 Bedroom Summit View Level 43 to 53
Level 43 to 53 Summit View Floor Plan


The EMPRESS Suites

1 Bedroom EMPRESS Suites
Level 54 – 56 – 58 The EMPRESS Suites


1 Bedroom EMPRESS Suites
Level 55- 57 – 59 The EMPRESS Suites


So what are you waiting for? Plan your daily get away from all the stress of work and live a healthier life. To know more about this contact a Professional Broker and Invest for a Brighter Future.


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