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The latest BPI App is now available in google play! What is noteworthy bout this app is its feature to transfer money for non enrolled account with its two step verification. It also lets you transfer from BPI Islands to BPI Family account and vice versa on the fly. This app has proven to be a much better than its previous version. It also provides a biometric authentication when logging in the app. It would really be nice if the app can transfer also on other bank.. Well for now this isn't available in the app but this would be a neat feature if integrated into

Fifteen years in the making, Razon’s by Glenn is making its biggest move by far, with a bold statement just as big. Family recipes such as heir famous halo-halo and pancit luglug have taken them to great heights, making them a household name to Filipinos the nation over. Now open to franchise and spreading all across the country, they are taking these classic recipes with them, and making no compromises in either comfort of flavor.