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Netflix launches its trial month for Filipino users, just an overview of the new rising app in IOS and Android Google Play.Netflix which is considered to be one of the largest on demand video provider in the US has already supported their Filipino users by letting them use the 1st 30 days for free. Streaming media became a hit in the Philippines with the launch of Spotify Music App probably one of the largest market for music fans out there.

The rise of smart phones has really been a big impact in communication and mobility, in this blog we will teach you how to make your tablet as a media catcher without storing your media in it. First things first what we will show you wont be using any other wireless router than the hotspot connection of either your phone or tablet.

Are you wondering why some of your apps keep on shutting down when you turn off your screen? Well the simple answer for this is that P8Max seems to be built to conserve battery so as much as you want things to run on background each app will be close everytime you close your screen. However this guide will help you understand how to allow apps to run in background specially those apps that you need to run all the time. Example Screebl an app to detect the proximity of your device so that it will stay awake; Viber a communication app that you want to run in background to keep you notified everytime; Spotify music streaming app that freezes the widget everytime you close your screen.


Monday, 29 February 2016

P8MAX is here!

If you are looking for a phablet or tablet that is very mobile then the P8Max is the gadget for you with its slick design and aluminum finish its one of the most elegant tablet available in the market. Packed with 4300 MAH of battery this tabalet with let you work a day with continous use of data and display. The screen is measured at 6.8 inches which I considered to be the best size that you can still squezze in your pocket comfortably and with its rich display its so ideal to even watch movies with this Phablet.

BUY AND SELL PHILIPPINES! Over the past years online selling has rapidly grew in the Philippines this is coupled by the used of some of the best online advertisers in the country namely Sulit also known as OLX, ayos dito and Ikawna.com.ph. The used of this advert sites helps any online store to promote their product easily to buyers so even if you have an online store or just an instagram account each seller still uses this advert sites to be able to get maximum exposure for their products. 

First of All to be able to maximize the capabilities of the all share app from Samsung you have to set up your smart TV and your network.

Klir Water Park Resort

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Klir Waterpark Resort is the latest Waterpark Resort located in Kabilang Bakood, Guiguinto Bulacan. Just a 30 minute drive from Manila. You and your family can enjoy the latest technology of wave pool with the best ambiance and amenities a resort can offer.

Klir waterpark is a 3 hectares land surrounded with a secured concrete fence and large secured parking areas for your vehicle. It has 4 different kinds of Pools with its owned unique functions and designs. Klir also made the biggest wave pool in Luzon with the wave pool to be estimated at a size of 3,500 square meters. The resort has different types of Cottages and Functions Area Open and Air-Conditioned that can accommodate different numbers of guest.


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