When in Pampanga….19×00


This is a short segment that we have included to share places and things you can do while in Pampanga. We will feature some of the places you can visit and some resto where you can dine and unwind. Please be aware that what we share in this segment is aimed to help tourist as well as local Pinoys who wants to enjoy the beauty of Pampanga. Our opinions don’t reflect anything that any company or establishments view on their businesses.

Pampanga has been one of the thriving provinces in the north, because of the success of the people from the Mount Pinatubo incident you will be amazed on the people’s strength and perseverance to rebuild and rise from the ashes of Mt Pinatubo. The locals are here known as the Capangpangan known from their fine cuisines and some exotic ones as well.

The following Hashtags will be used for benefit of readers to identify which one they are looking for;



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