Web plus Media is 2021′ s formula for success, the internet is the gateway in which where all things are shared and promoted. Platforms such as GoogleFacebookyoutubeTwitter, and a lot of huge platforms are the means to getting your product or message across the whole world.

The battle for content media creation is upon us already nowadays it is not enough that you have a shop it is also important to describe or to showcase your product thru video and creative content writing. Bloggers and Video Bloggers gain much popularity by their creative presentations for a product review or those what we call how to contents.

I used to remember that when I started blogging back in 2013 it really made a huge impact on my Business but at that time video blogging was not yet a trending thing. But around 2018 video content creators started to make youtube one of the largest content providers on the world wide web.

Nowadays even video logos have become a thing already so this is a start of a new era. Even video call background became a thing now for some smartphones.

So here is the thing, if you are just venturing into creating your website now you have to keep in mind that you have to be more creative than just putting up a website for a show. It is no longer enough to just put details about you or your company out there. You must mix your website with creative content writing coupled with good photos and if possible good video content for other people to appreciate your website.

So to sum up everything to build a good website you have to have a good designer, programmer, content writer, and possibly a good video creator.

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