The Samsung Galaxy Fold — The Start of an Era


More than just a novelty, the innovation of foldable phones is already upon us. In 2019, Samsung launched its initial release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and yes, it was a flop. All of its faults and design oversights did not allow for its flagship features, or characteristic details to shine through. But that’s where things get interesting.

Rather than writing it off as a very expensive failure which left everyone skeptical, Samsung decided to invest even more into proving it right. It’s a very bold move considering all released units of the Samsung Galaxy Fold were recalled, and everyone who had purchased any, would receive the newly improved model, complete with renewed and extensive warranties to protect the interests of the consumers themselves. It is the care placed into their Samsung supporters and their dedication to this innovation that makes it all exemplary.

The only thing more impressive would be the second Fold iteration itself. So what exactly has changed?

Changes To The Galaxy Fold

1. The most noticeable change would be the screen cover in tablet mode. To clarify, this is the protective cover of smartphone’s defining feature: the tablet screen that folds. The initial release did not actually cover the entire screen, and was easily accessible to users. This made the screen cover prone to removal, as users were able to peel it off completely. This inadvertently led to users destroying the key mechanism, rendering the phone permanently damaged. What Samsung did was to expand the cover across the entire screen, making the essential protection tamper-proof.

2. Another modification would be in the hinges. These are what allows the entire phone to fold at all. However, while closed, the hinges were essentially open and vulnerable to dust. Upon the second iteration, a protective cover was applied to hinges to keep out any dust completely.

The Fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is sophisticated in style with a price tag to match. It tops off at an impressive $2,000, or ₱125,000. We want to get that out this early in the review because we understand how much of a deal-breaker that would be for some. Yes, the design very attractive, and yes it does have top-notch, flagship specs. But wha you’re really paying for is the folding technology.

It might not seem like much, but the simple concept of taking a wide screen that you can collapse into a smaller frame at will, is no less than cutting-edge innovation. It’s a tablet when you need it. It fits in your hands, it fits in your pocket, it simply changes the game.

The reason why Samsung needed to get this device right the first time around, is because it could not afford to lose this lead. It might be expensive now, but the success of the Fold relaunch is the dawn of a new tech era. For many phone consumers it may be the last tablet they buy; for many tablet users, it may be the last phone they buy. And that is a possibility that scares all other manufacturers. The race is now on to produce the next, more-affordable and efficient folding screens. If a technology is successful, making it flexible in any way without sacrifice to function will automatically multiply it’s success tenfold.

Now, all of that is still ahead of us. What about the smartphone we have now?

The Fold Consumer

It’s not for everyone. But that does not make it a bad device in any way. Most people buying this will not be able to overlook the price tag. Typically, we can expect the tech enthusiasts to be the ones to justify the expenses with the technology they will be purchasing. But to really make the most of this device, consider how you make the most of your own.

If you’re the type who will pay for a good phone, get most your work done on it, and still need a tablet to cover everything else, then you’ll make use of the Fold. It will take some time before this technology will be affordable enough for casual use. For now, it’s all about how much value will you get out of your ₱125,000. And believe us, it is possible.

We expect those in business or management to really shine with this device. If you make all your money on both your phone and tablet, the biggest advantage the Fold will offer is efficiency. It might not seem trivial, but in the long run, there is so much precious time and productivity to be saved by simply having both devices in one. The more you use both a tablet and a phone, the more the Fold will start to make monetary sense.

Take a call, put it on loudspeaker, unfold the tablet, and wait for it⁠— open a spreadsheet and work while on call. It’s all on the fly, in your hand, in your pocket. And that’s just one application that has been greatly changed but merging these two devices. There is so much more potential to be had at the simple fold of the screen.

In Closing

We really have to underscore that this is not a casual phone. It does not carry a casual price tag, nor will it fair well in the hands of anyone who doesn’t take handling it seriously. But make no mistake, it is probably the flagship that Samsung is the most proud in the entire Galaxy fleet. It is the project they know they cannot fail, and they’re throwing everything they’ve got into it.

Is it a good phone? Yes.

In terms of specs, it is top notch. Samsung is making it clear, with everything they’ve done to save it, they are not about to disappoint anyone with it.

Is it for everyone? No.

This is brand new territory for everyone: for Samsung, their competitors, and the entire smartphone userbase from here on out.

The point of this smartphone is to showcase that we are on the cusp of brand new technology, and Samsung wants to own the flag that ushers in this new era. It’s no longer a novelty, when it’s clear to everyone what the standard will become.

Official Webpage of the Samsung Galaxy Fold

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