The Effectiveness of Workflow in Our Company


A workflow management system (WMS or WfMS) is a software tool designed to help streamline routine business processes for optimal efficiency. It involves creating a form to hold data and automating a sequential path of tasks for the data to follow until it is fully processed. Workflow management is creating and optimizing the paths for data in order to complete items in a given process. This includes finding redundant tasks, mapping out the workflow in an ideal state, automating the process, and identifying bottlenecks or areas for improvement (

An example of employee’s account

The use of systematic workflow in our company, Marvill Web Development Services, helps to boost the productivity of both the manager and employee. Its effectivity leads to the company’s efficiency to do high-quality projects in a convenient way. All the users have their own accounts which they can easily access at any time and place as long as they have internet access. Our workflow system is designed not only for computers but also for mobile phones so that employees can use them whenever they needed. Now, that we are in a pandemic, it is limited to go outside and people are scared to be infected by the Covid-19. A workflow system is the best way to run your business during this pandemic. Your employees can work from their homes and still finish the assigned task in a great manner. Different tools in the system will help the manager to manage and monitor daily operations. On the part of the workers, they are motivated to do their tasks for these are listed in the dashboard. The manager can see when the assignment was done. There is also a tab for Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) when the user has a problem while working with the online system. Beginners or newly hired employees can read it too instead of having an orientation which is an advantage for both parties. Important datas are stored safely and always ready to use.

We are now in a community lockdown and a virtual office is a creative idea to keep your company runs smoothly. Although it is hard for us to admit, our new normal situation may end after several months from now. Embracing what technology can do to continue economic activities, will allow your company to have progressed during these trying times. Even after we beat the coronavirus crisis, it will leave a huge impact on people’s mindsets and behavior. If you want your business to stay competitive in the future, you should learn to adapt to changes. The workflow management system is a platform for change and evolution. Grow not only if you have a chance to do so, but rather make your own opportunities towards success.


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