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Stay Safe and Order in with Marvill’s Kitchen

Stay Safe and Order in this is what Marvill’s Kitchen advocates to do now, The Covid 19 cases are spiking up higher than we had last year, and our Health Care workers are already stress and is on the verge of being overwhelmed by the cases that have struck for the past week. In our […]

PNB Wings Introducing New Product “ANG PA-BURRITO NI MA’AM”

    What’s up, mga Ka-Pabrito! We hope that your lives are shining so far this 2021. Are you still pursuing your new year’s resolution? Whatever you are doing right now, please stay optimistic and healthy.   Ang Paborito Ni Boss believes in a saying that “There is no problem a BURRITO can’t solve.” Yes! […]

Ang Paborito Ni Boss: Foodpanda Best Recommendations

    Ang Paborito Ni Boss (PNBWings) is more than just a restaurant that just caters to its customers or Mga Ka-Paborito.   We are also ordering a lot of food from FOODPANDA for the PNB Team who are behind our crispy and delicious products. Treating our staff with tasty foods is our way of […]

Ang Paborito Ni Boss: Offers Big Discount Up To 40% OFF

    We are very, very happy to announce that Ang Paborito Ni Boss offers BIG DISCOUNTS THROUGH FOODPANDA EVERY SUPER SUNDAY AND MEGA MONDAY FOR UP TO 40% OFF!!!   The month of November just started yesterday and we are now a few more weeks apart before Christmas! We at Ang Paborito Ni Boss […]

Ang Paborito Ni Boss: PNBWings Pampanga Offers 15% Off & FREE Delivery Today!

    Get your food fast and fresh as Ang Paborito ni Boss, Pampanga Branch offers 15% off and FREE Delivery today, 19th of October 2020.   Ang Paborito Ni Boss, a growing business, is also serving hot wings in Pampanga. PNBWings PAMPANGA had opened in September through one of the fastest food delivery services […]

Ang Paborito Ni Boss: The Very Successful Lucky 7 Promos

      Ang Paborito Ni Boss launched last Tuesday, October 13th, the Lucky Seven Promos.   As the promo name itself, it means that when you buy 6 pieces in a single flavor of PNB Chicken Wings or Tenders, you will get an extra wing or tender FOR FREE!   It’s been four days […]

Ang Paborito Ni Boss: Share-A-Meal Program Helping A Lot of People

    Our “Food For a Cause: Buy 12 Share-A-Meal” project is continuously helping a lot of people amid pandemic. We already distributed several meals for our brothers and sisters who have less to fill in their tables. Helping them is the only thing we can do during this COVID-19 crisis that worsened the situation […]

Ang Paborito Ni Boss: #PNBCares

    Today, we already distributed meals for our brothers and sisters who have less to fill in their stomachs. Help is the only thing we can do during this huge crisis that worsened the situation of the less fortunate Filipinos. Always be kind even on the smallest things.   Ang Paborito Ni Boss is […]

Ang Paborito Ni Boss: #EatMoreShareMore

    Our ‘Found Love In A Hopeless Plate’ campaign is still ongoing, mga Ka-Paborito. We are all striving hard to survive and to win against the COVID-19 pandemic. This crisis put the Philippine economy at a danger zone which brought more suffering to our fellow Filipinos.   Thinking about our less fortunate brothers and […]


    Did you know that you can help by buying your favorite crispy chicken to eat? Yes, you heard it right! Ang Paborito Ni Boss is launching a campaign for delicious PNB Wings and Tenders. As our beloved business passed the hardships brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to express our GRATITUDE through […]