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Community Pantries: Community Effort amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Community Pantries

Community Pantries: Community Effort amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic The Philippines is still in a strict lockdown for more than a year now. Community pantries popped up at different places in the country. It shows Filipino’s unity to help their fellowmen amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This newest type of “Bayanihan” was started along Maginhawa Street in […]

Web Plus Media

Web plus Media is 2021′ s formula for success, the internet is the gateway in which where all things are shared and promoted. Platforms such as Google, Facebook, youtube, Twitter, and a lot of huge platforms are the means to getting your product or message across the whole world. The battle for content media creation […]

Log In Via Facebook Account at A-Shoutout.rocks

      Facebook is available to reach your favorite stars at A-Shoutout.rocks which is a platform where you can request and purchase personalized and dedicated video messages from the hottest stars in the Philippines. What is a shout out? Shout out means an expression of appreciation, admiration, congratulation, or support.   You can now […]