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Switch Samsung to Xiaomi: The truth about Mi 10T Pro, I have been using Samsung as my daily driver for all my life from all the Note Flagships I always update to the latest model available. Except for this year, I used to have a Note 10 Plus for my daily driver so when Note 20 Ultra came out it was supposed to be that kind of change for me. Until I came across Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro from a friend.

Initially, when I was inspecting my friend’s phone it was ok it’s not as flashy as the Samsung Note 20 which was my upgrade to be. Comparing the Mi 10T screen with the Note 10 Plus I would say Amoled still wins this as compared to the LCD Display on the Mi 10T but it makes up with its 144Hz display.

The camera is pretty much more similar to S20 Ultra what’s astounding is when I took a photo and viewed it on the Note 10 plus I was so impressed with the details of the photo taken from the Mi 10T Pro.

Then there was Mobile Data we did a speed test using my Galaxy Fold 2 which was also 5G Compatible but this is probably the deal maker for me. In my Galaxy Fold 2, I got up to 50Mbps but when I tested my sim on the Mi 10T Pro I got Speeds from 200Mbps to 300Mbps which was mind-blowing.

At this point, it was pretty much made for me, I would upgrade my daily driver from Note 10 Plus to Mi 10T Pro the significant speed difference in mobile data is important for me especially with all of us mostly relying on internet connections this day. But before I discarded the Note 20 UltraI did a similar test with my Dad’s Note 20 Plus while I was getting 300Mbps on the Mi 10T Pro, I only get 20 to 30Mbps for the Note 20 Plus.

Switch Samsung to Xiaomi then it happened.

Well if you are going to ask me which to get the Note 20 or the Mi 10T well I’d say that its a matter of priority, I would rather lose the luxury of the Note 20 plus for better data since I still have the Galaxy Fold 2 as my work and productivity phone.

Here a Screenshot of some results using the Data for the past few weeks.

Speedtest result shared
Mobile Data on Mi10t Pro

Credits https://marvill.com/

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