Samsung Tab S4 Running multiple apps without stopping while switching windows on dex

DEX MODE has been quite essential in my work however sometimes while using my HDMI I’d still wanna watch or play a game on the main screen of the Samsung Tab s4. This is where it becomes a problem because while I could be watching Netflix on my Tab S4 when I click on a window in my Dex Screen it actually pauses my Netflix app. This actually sucks and if you are a person who loves to mix work while relaxing you would probably hate the Samsung Tab s4 at this point.

“don’t give up hope yet!!!”

There is hope!!! well though it doesn’t really solve the whole problem the good news is it will lessen a bit of your frustration. The simple answer is the split screen mode. Just open the app you want in your tab s4 in split-screen mode and this actually forces your tab s4 not to stop other process or apps running while in this mode. Well just see for yourself. This fix actually works with other devices like note 8 & 9 that supports dex mode.

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