PNB Wings Introducing New Product “ANG PA-BURRITO NI MA’AM”



What’s up, mga Ka-Pabrito! We hope that your lives are shining so far this 2021. Are you still pursuing your new year’s resolution? Whatever you are doing right now, please stay optimistic and healthy.


Ang Paborito Ni Boss believes in a saying that “There is no problem a BURRITO can’t solve.” Yes! A dish in Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine consisting of a flour tortilla wrapped into a sealed cylindrical shape around various ingredients. People can’t help themselves but drool over its savory fillings.


One of our goals this year is to give our beloved customers a new product that will surely satisfy their stomachs and tastebuds. Thus, we are glad to introduce our newest product ANG PABURRITO NI MA’AM! It is now officially available on our menu for as low as P60 (small) and P140 (large).


We are also offering discounts for our dear Ka-Paboritos. Because of our unending gratitude towards our customers, we have a 15% discount when you order on our Facebook page while 20% on Foodpanda.


This is not just a common Burrito but it’s made out of love. The history of our delicious recipe made it more special. Mr. Ryan John Villanueva, the owner of PNB Wings said that this one is their family recipe. Growing up, he enjoys his mother’s home-made Ground Beef Burrito. And now, he wants to share the goodness of every bite with everyone.


The name of our original product “Ang Pa-Burrito Ni Ma’am” is inspired by her mother (Ma’am Marisa Villanueva). Indeed, nothing can beat a mother’s love and cooking style, as well. Until the last bite, our Burrito is overflowing with ingredients.












Visit our website ( and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram (@pnbwings) and Twitter (@PnbWings). Please also like our Facebook page (Ang Paborito ni Boss) for more exciting discounts and promos. Thank you so much, mga Ka-Paborito. Cheers for another year!


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