Pandemic Growth Ep 01 ECQ

Pandemic Growth



Pandemic Growth is the first topic of Simplify Life with RJ and Danny. This Spotify Podcast by RJ Villanueva is about Gen X Talk by the two business owners. They are going to address simple and current things to enrich and enhance individuals.


The problem that occurred for business owners during the first three months of the ECQ is that they encounter a pause in sales income and survival of the business until they accept the new normal.


“It is crucial to accept order payment because we cannot promise when we can deliver the product,” says Sir Danny explaining his experience in his business.


The problem for business owners with the physical product was the Courier. Logistics can not enter other cities due to the ECQ. But with the business with virtual products or services, the trouble caused by the pandemic was the slow down of clients’ demand.


Pandemic Growth


If Sir RJ and Danny can define their growth during the pandemic, it would be SOLUTION and EVOLUTION.


Acceptance is the key to move forward in every situation. Challenges made them better because they are forced to make solutions for the success of their respective companies. “What hurts you, makes you stronger,” says Sir RJ emphasizing the importance of facing obstacles in handling business.


One of the positive impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic is the realization of the Period of Time. Needs can make people learn stuff quickly which normally requires years to study. Also, it highlights the concept of Paradigm Shift where we have no choice, but to adapt to the new normal set-up of society. The point is we should treasure everything and grow out of it.


THE TALK IS FINALLY OUT OF THE STREAM! You can listen to the full podcast here


The next episode would be the perspective of the employees in line with pandemic growth. Thank you in advance for your warm support!


Authors: Jekka Ko and Charlene Castelo


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