Medical Frontliners Lives Matters

Photo Credits: Philippine Star

The COVID-19 pandemic is a large crisis that destructs the humanity for quite a long time now. People are stress because of the lethal virus that can be as deadly as war. The fact that it is highly contagious, the number of confirmed cases is continuing to swell. Many patients are dying without seeing their loved ones until their last breath. The family of the deceased can’t even hold a funeral as the corpse should be cremated as soon as possible.

This fight against the coronavirus is a serious invisible battle. Some didn’t even know that they already got the coronavirus, and unconsciously pass it with another person. Then the virus infections will now spread in a domino effect. Unlike all the other wars, we can’t see our enemy approaching that’s why the best way to defeat COVID-19 is to stay at home.

In spite of numerous COVID-19 confirmed cases in the Philippines, our government loosened the community quarantine protocols to revitalize our shrinking economy. Now, we have thousands of cases and the health workers are already exhausted. Our healthcare system is the last line of defense we have, but it may collapse soon for our medical frontliners are now in distress. The health care workers needed the most care too. They are the most important people in this battle. Nothing will surpass their efforts and sacrifices to keep us safe from the virus. Doctors, nurses, and all of them in the medical field are facing almost all the challenges in the front line for us. Lately, the medical community is calling for a ‘timeout’ to get the necessary attention for their concerns. They are the ones who can witness the struggles of patients then died. They are also suffering from a lack of medical supplies like Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and such. Our medical frontliners are more vulnerable to physical and mental exhaustion. They are protecting us from harm, and the least that people and government can do is to support them.

President Rodrigo Duterte approved their request and revert Metro Manila, Bulacan, Cavite, and Rizal to Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ). Although they didn’t get what they are really asking which is the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), this can also be their breathing space. Our heroes are glad that their voice was heard. The government should allocate more funds to the health sector and ensure the safety of our medical frontliners. Most of all, they should realize that the economy wouldn’t get better until our healthcare system will get the support to have solidified and unified way of addressing COVID-19 problems.

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