Maris Coral Garden: A Wonderful Escape


We are all tired of being stuck in our homes for almost a year because of the strict social distancing protocols. The COVID-19 pandemic made our lives stop for a long period affecting our mental and emotional health. At this very moment, the government re-opens the economy to save it from the verge of a danger zone, and ease the quarantine classifications.

Now is the right time to get back and treat yourselves to travel, and at the same time help in boosting the Philippine economy. As the BTS song says life goes on and the day will come back around as if nothing happened. There’s a strong feeling that this is finally the right time that the light will glow once again.

Are you finding a wonderful place for an escape and nature trips? Well, MARIS CORAL GARDEN is perfect for your soul-searching dreams!

Just a few hours away from Manila and you will experience the breathtaking beauty of the “Center of Center” of Marine Biodiversity in the Philippines. If you are an adventurous person, Maris Coral Garden is an ideal playground to dive into the clear waters and encounter more species of fish and corals underneath.

Aside from the beach, the astonishing view of the greenery is relaxing and will give you peace of mind. Everyone deserves a temporary escape to return to their souls. Here, you can sight the Isla Verde, an island off the coast of Batangas City. Come to Maris Coral Garden and explore the wealth and treasures of the sea.

The place is located in Montemaria, Batangas where you can find the MONTEMARIA SHRINE dedicated to Mary, Mother of All Asia. The area of the resort is also an excellent destination for devotees and pilgrims of Mother Mary.

We can assure you that you will enjoy yourself here with your family, friends, partners, or even alone. Always remember that there’s nothing wrong with dating your self especially if it is with the wonders of nature. Also, the place is safe for it is not crowded, and Maris Coral Garden exactly follows the safety protocols. The resort, of course, prioritizes the health of its guests above all.

The marine gems are waiting for you as well as you are longing for them. Come and visit MARIS CORAL GARDEN and discover the secret riches of the seas!

For bookings and inquiries, please visit their website: Maris Coral Garden

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