We have almost reached the end of 2020 and clearly, this was not even close to a good year. With all the trials and hardships that every individual endured this year, we look back at this year with humility and hope. 2020 is a learning experience for everyone, we have been humbled by this year and learned the value of health, opportunity, and love. All of which we have taken for granted over the years because of their abundance.

2020 will leave a mark like no other in our lives but for us to not learn anything will mean a huge failure for us as human beings. Holding our lives as if there is no greater being above us will also be one of our downfalls. God is still with us and we should be thankful that despite all these challenges we have reached the end of this year and be hopeful that what is left for us will be enough for us to start a new life in the coming year.

Hopeful as we look forward to 2021 with positivity and simplicity. What I carry moving towards 2021:

  1. Simplicity in life. I will no longer take for granted the simple life that God has given me and be thankful for the opportunity of the opportunity and craft that has blessed me. By not taking things for granted I will always keep in mind that these things can always happen again and I should be better at handling them should it happen again.
  1. I will accept my role in life as a blessing from God I will no longer look at things as hardships or entitlement and will work with all the energy I have to be the best at what God gave me during the time of hardships to survive.
  1. I will be stronger and provide for the people I love and work with, I am responsible and my problems or hardships should never be the reason why I neglect it as well as be the reason others suffer.
  1. With all of God’s gifts throughout this year, I will devote myself to help others to the best that I can.
  1. I will share with the people around me that kindness is not an option and be a better Father, Husband, Son, Friend, and Boss for my family and my company.

With all of these, we want to share our thanks for your continued support of all our articles for 2020 we pray that some of it might have been informative to you as well as to put some smiles thru your faces. In 2021 we will try to provide more rich and positive articles in your days to come with us.

Happy New Year Everyone and God Bless all of you!!!

CEO Ryan John Villanueva

(Marvill Web Development)

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