K-Pop Phenomenal BLACKPINK Released ‘The Album’

The Album (Digital Cover)

BLACKPINK finally unveiled their debut studio album entitled “The Album.” It features guest appearances of famous western artists from Cardi B, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Victoria Monét, and others. Prior to the album’s release, the group shared videos for “Ice Cream” and “How You Like That.” Following the hit success of their earlier singles “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” and “Boombayah,”

The world’s most popular girl group also joined Lady Gaga on her Chromatica song “Sour Candy” and jumped on the Blessed Madonna’s full-length club remix of Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia. A documentary about the band, titled Light Up the Sky, premieres on Netflix on October 14. “The Album” was released on October 2ndcontaining eight songs led by the single “Lovesick Girls.” The eight-track release shot to the top of different music platforms and threw social media into a frenzy, where the group’s worldwide huge fanbase (BLINKS) celebrated the comebacks of Rosé, Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo.

Although The Album has just arrived and lacks any real weak spots, we already have our favorite tracks, the songs that capture why Blackpink deserves to be coronated as a global pop group. Here is our humble, preliminary opinion on the best songs on Blackpink’s The Album. (

1. “Pretty Savage”

2. “Lovesick Girls”

3. “You Never Know”

4. “Bet You Wanna” (feat. Cardi B)

On the other hand, Jisoo saying  “Blackpink in your area” made the fans crazy over her. Her unique low tone, husky voice perfectly fit with the Blackpink’s iconic line. Such a powerful part by the goddess Kim Jisoo! Here are some of the reactions of her fans:

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