Korean dramas became popular with the Filipinos because of several good reasons. Now, we are facing a difficult problem because of the COVID-19 pandemic that made us stay at our homes. As mere citizens, one of the ways we can help to stop the rapid spreading of the virus is to become homeliners. To fight against boredom, we tend to find different means of entertainment, and one of these is to watch k-dramas.

There’s a lot of reasons why k-dramas are extremely addictive. Once you started watching a good series, it seems that you can stop it no more. In fact, people are losing sleep just to watch another episode of their favorite drama. Everybody says that fans are being swallowed by the system to describe the feeling of intense desire towards the Korea Novelas. Why is that so? First, k-drama artists are attractive that’s why people are immediately becoming fond of them. Seeing beautiful and handsome couples in a sweet scene makes our heart flatters until we can’t get over them. Also, actors and actresses are wearing fancy outfits that added impact and caught more attention. The best example is the fashionable outfits of Yoon Se-ri in ‘Crash Landing on You.’ Most of all, the characters they have played in the drama that made us fall in love with them. The characterization is at most and it fitted them so well. From the sense of humor up to the words of wisdom that we can get from the lines are awesome.

Hae So Transported Back to Goryeo Dynasty

Second, the storyline is unique and unpredictable. K-dramas are giving us unexpected twists, knowledge about their culture, life lessons, and a wide range of genres. The plotlines of the story always surprise us with new brilliant ideas and creative endings. Directors are showcasing what they have in Korea as they value their colorful culture especially the country’s history. For example, in the ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ Hae So gets transported back to the Goryeo dynasty and it showed us the lifestyle during that period. Different dramas reflect the norms as well as the beliefs of Koreans. They also present their food like in ‘Itaewon Class.’ The script is not just entertaining, but also informative.

The King: Eternal Monarch

Third, is cinematography at its finest. For example, in ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ we can easily tell if the scene is in the Republic of Korea or in the Kingdom of Korea because of its great shots. We can also understand the feelings of the character because of the mood of its cinematography complemented by the scene.

Lastly, K-dramas are the best when it comes to soundtracks. A lot of us can’t understand the lyrics of the song, but our hearts can feel its melody. An example is ‘Beautiful’ by Crush, Original Soundtrack (OST) for ‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God’ or popularly known as ‘Goblin.’ We can’t understand it without the English translation, but we can feel a heartache every time it plays. We can remember the ill-fated relationship of the protagonists just by listening to the song. Indeed, music is a universal language.

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