Hands on the Klean Kanteen Bottles

Insulated Bottles:

In our day to day activities, we tend to get our favorite drinks whether we are working, walking, driving or chilling with friends. The only challenge in getting thru the day with your drink is spoiling it because it’s not hot or cold anymore then it becomes a waste already. Well, this is at least true with my experience, I am a coffee lover specifically love drinking mocha frap from Starbucks however when I’m at the office I tend to buy more coffee each day because my drink gets warm when I tend to let it just sit on my desk. I did all sorts of things to preserve my drink by putting it on a ref when I am not able to drink it but the ice tends to melt and it just becomes a cold drink, I even tried putting it on the freezer and as expected when you want to drink it you can’t already you have an instant Popsicle. So I tend to buy another cup and the same thing happen probably spending more than I should at this point already.


Credits https://marvill.com/

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