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For most, Gloria Maris doesn’t need much of an introduction. Being a household name when it comes to Chinese food, there’s not much more you need to tell people about.

But this is those who want to know more. Furthermore, this just happens to be a very specifically about Gloria Maris Greenhills.

In case you’re like me, you probably weren’t aware, or prepared to take in everything they meant by moving locations, and renovating.

As the name suggests, it’s still in Greenhills, and it’s still next to the Greenhills Shopping Center. They just moved around the bend to Missouri Street.

Now, despite the fact that we’re talking about a restaurant, this isn’t so much about the food.

They’re still Gloria Maris, they will still present you generous servings of Chinese comfort food. They’ve stepped up on presentation, have a few new dishes to excite you with, some modern twists on classics, and of course, the classics themselves.

Overall, the heart of their food remains true and I think anyone looking for the warm and familiar will appreciate that.

What this is about, is what Gloria Maris Greenhills has gone through to be more than a restaurant to its patrons.

I’ll admit, it’s been a while since I last dined at any Gloria Maris, and I suppose I would be surprised to see just how much things have changed.

I think the first thing that struck me besides a loud wedding reception just outside, was the size of the establishment. It’s a statement on its own.

When you walk up to a restaurant the size of a hotel, you get the sense of awe that leaves a lasting impression you take with you inside.

And the word I was looking for was “grand.” Not what I was expecting when I agreed to “Chinese food for lunch.”

The rooms are large and impressive. From the reception area, to the dining rooms(which you’ll never notice can fit a few hundred people), they really put in the effort to make it captivating, yet comfortable.

Everything is big and bright, and gives of a grand and celebratory atmosphere. It’s easy to see how it attracts large events like weddings or family gatherings.

The sight of their staircase as a centerpiece only adds to the five-star experience, and reminded me of how big the restaurant really is— for a restaurant.

There’s a subtle message being sent to you with not-so-subtle details. Everything down to the staff being a bit more accommodating than you’d expect makes you feel like the place was built to take care of you.

This is what I wanted to write about: how Gloria Maris Greenhills pulled off the unexpected to take classic dining and elevate it beyond proportions.

They went the extra mile to be more than a restaurant for its dinners, and deliver a luxurious hotel experience.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they offered lodging in the future.

Oh, and the lunch was delicious.

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