EMPRESS Studio Floor Plan

Empress Studio Floor Plan

EMPRESS Studio Floor Plan.

Studio A - Floor Layout
Empress Studio A – Floor Layout


Studio B - Floor Layout
Empress Studio B – Floor Layout
Studio C - Floor Layout
Empress Studio C – Floor Layout



Live, breathe, and take it easy in a space that embodies the true meaning of home — a sanctuary to call your own. 
Find joy in living within the heart of a bustling city and foster a sense of self and a sense of community through a space that has been designed with your well-being in mind.
Stretch and grow, move and prance, rest and heal — Empress is a place where wellness comes first.


An Episode of Dwellings – Empress Capitol Commons




Studio Park View
EMPRESS Studio Park View – Level 7
Studio Park View
Empress Studio Park View – Level 8 – 21
Horizon View - Level 22 - 37
Empress Horizon View – Level 22 – 37
Sky View - Level 38 - 41
Empress Sky View – Level 38 – 41
Summit View - Level 43 - 53
Empress Summit View – Level 43 – 53


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(EMPRESS Studio Floor Plan)

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