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Where Do Chicken Wings Come From?

Where Do Chicken Wings Come From?

Where Do Chicken Wings Come From? Here’s a short story about our favorite part of the chicken! Have you ever wondered where the famous chicken wings started? We are pretty sure that you are just enjoying the taste without knowing the tale behind it. That’s why we are giving you this article to know more […]

Top 5 Food Delivery Apps in the Philippines

Top 5 Food Delivery Apps

Top 5 Food Delivery Apps in the Philippines 2021 – Let’s thank all the food delivery riders who have been our frontliners since the COVID-19 pandemic scarred the Philippines! Indeed, not all heroes wear capes. We can’t imagine our lives during this hard time without food delivery drivers. They became the avenue to buy at […]

The BTS Meal by McDonald’s will Arrive in the Philippines Soon!

The BTS Meal

The BTS Meal by McDonald’s will Arrive in the Philippines Soon! McDonald’s announced their collaboration with 21st-century global pop icons, BTS. The giant fast-food company confirmed yesterday, 19th of April 2021, using french fries to imitate the K-Pop group’s iconic logo.     Filipino ARMY(s) couldn’t be more delighted with the good news! This newest […]

Best Chicken Wings in Metro Manila 2021


Best Chicken Wings in Metro Manila 2021 If you are looking for the best chicken wings in Mega Manila, this can help you to decide where to order. Here are the TOP 10 wings around the city.   1. Marvill’s Kitchen (Ang Paborito Ni Boss) A taste of well spiced wings that makes you feel […]

Ang Paborito Ni Boss: Chicken N’ Herbs SERVING SOON!

    “Ang Paborito Ni Boss” is a growing business offering the best chicken recipes that everyone will surely love. Recently, we introduced our Chicken Salpicao made by the one and only Mr. Ryan John Villanueva.   And now, we would like to launch PNB’s version of CHICKEN N’ HERBS. The flavorful marinated boneless chicken […]

Ang Paborito Ni Boss: CHICKEN SALPICAO Available Soon!

    PNB Wings, a chicken restaurant, has a lot of ideas to give you the best dishes for chicken recipes.  We are excited to announce that we will release our newest menu to delight all of our beloved Ka-Paboritos. PNB CHICKEN SALPICAO WILL BE AVAILABLE IN OUR DIFFERENT PLATFORMS VERY SOON than you expected! […]

PNB Wings Introducing New Product “ANG PA-BURRITO NI MA’AM”

    What’s up, mga Ka-Pabrito! We hope that your lives are shining so far this 2021. Are you still pursuing your new year’s resolution? Whatever you are doing right now, please stay optimistic and healthy.   Ang Paborito Ni Boss believes in a saying that “There is no problem a BURRITO can’t solve.” Yes! […]

Ang Paborito Ni Boss: Foodpanda Best Recommendations

    Ang Paborito Ni Boss (PNBWings) is more than just a restaurant that just caters to its customers or Mga Ka-Paborito.   We are also ordering a lot of food from FOODPANDA for the PNB Team who are behind our crispy and delicious products. Treating our staff with tasty foods is our way of […]

Ang Paborito Ni Boss: Our Newest PORK CHOP MEALS & COCO TRUFFLES

      Introducing PNB’s new line of products CRISPY PORK CHOP MEALS and PREMIUM COCO TRUFFLES to be available on our delicious menu soon!   Pork Chop Ala Pobre would be available for the first time in the new line of menu very soon. We are so excited to release our own-made flavors that […]

Ang Paborito Ni Boss: Offers Big Discount Up To 40% OFF

    We are very, very happy to announce that Ang Paborito Ni Boss offers BIG DISCOUNTS THROUGH FOODPANDA EVERY SUPER SUNDAY AND MEGA MONDAY FOR UP TO 40% OFF!!!   The month of November just started yesterday and we are now a few more weeks apart before Christmas! We at Ang Paborito Ni Boss […]