BTS Reaction to Covers of their Hits by Youtube Singers



K-Pop megastars BTS reacted to some covers of their hit song such as Dynamite, Black Swan, IDOL, Boy with Luv, and Fake Love in an episode of Glamour’s “You Sang My Song” series.


Glamour asks musicians to watch unique covers of their songs on YouTube and provide commentary on them. Each cover comes from a different point in their career, allowing celebrating milestones with their fans while inspiring confidence in a community of aspiring musicians around the world.


This time, they featured BTS with members – Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Many of their fans have a dream of showing their talents to their K-Pop idols who inspired them to continue their passion for singing and dancing. Julz West, Cameron Philip K, Sam Tsui and Megan Lee, Lies Behind Your Eyes Band, and our very own Ms. Ysabelle Cuevas are the lucky ones who get noticed. They are all talented, therefore, they deserve it.


BTS love the R&B version of Dynamite covered by Julz West. The vibe made the Bangtan Boys think that they should also try his vocal techniques in their performances. Cameron Philip K was quickly recognized by the golden maknae for his Black Swan cover. He is a singer-rapper and known for making BTS parody videos.


Likewise, singers Sam Tsui, Megan Lee, and Kurt Hugo Schneider made a unique cover of IDOL with different instruments and the sound of the zipper that made it different among others. The boys sang along with the youtube singers and RM quoted that “It’s an honor for them to do all this.”


Our fellow Filipino singer was also noticed by BTS. Ysabelle Cuevas made a cover of Boy with Luv in a whole different version. Members J-Hope and V were so impressed with her vocal talent that they wanted to listen to the cover again. The two said that they will find it later. Lastly, the Lies Behind Your Eyes Band made a metal version of Fake Love that made the K-Pop stars try performing with drums and electric guitars too. It was awesome!


Watch the reaction video here:

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