• Coach Brian’s Swimming Class

    Coach Brian’s Swimming Class

    Kendall listens intently to her instructor and tries her best to perfect each stroke. When she finally gets it right, her face lights up with joy and she can’t help but giggle with excitement. Kendall’s love for swimming continues to grow with each lesson, and she can’t wait to become a strong and confident swimmer.…

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  • Top performers in the NBA

    Top performers in the NBA

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    Marvill Web Development – Getting Kalinga in the Digital Map. Taking our first flight to Tuguegarao. (On the picture is RJ, Angelo and Jay) Presenting the Digitalization to be made in the Municipal of Balbalan.

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  • NReal Air

    NReal Air

    Nreal Air has Low Blue Light, Flicker Free and Eye Comfort as certified by TÜV Rheinland Group, marking a world-first as the only device in the XR field. “NReal Air AR Glasses” Specifications “What’s in the box?” Compatibility -148mm x 52mm x 159mm (opened)-148mm x 52mm x 60mm (folded)-3 Position adjustment for optimal gaze angleHead…

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  • Teppanya


    Teppanya means “House of Teppanyaki”, which take pride in serving a wide variety of authentic modern Japanese Cuisine along with a unique dining experience that’s perfect for making core memories with friends and family. Menu & Food Teppanya offers a wide selection of Japanese cuisine in addition to a distinctive dining experience that is ideal…

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  • The Mansion

    The Mansion

    “The MANSION a very large, impressive, or stately residence. manor house. Often mansions. British. a large building with many apartments; apartment house.” Amenities & Facilities From the first glance of the Mansion, there are two words that come to mind Elegant and Classy, you will have so many choices to do in the mansion from…

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  • VIBE – Taeyang feat. Jimin of BTS

    VIBE – Taeyang feat. Jimin of BTS

    Taeyang feat. The song ‘Vibe” was released on 13 January 2023, the announcement about the collaboration between Taeyang of BIGBANG and Park Jimin of BTS came on 4 January 2023 had K-pop fans buzzing with anticipation. Vibe is co-written by Taeyang and singer-songwriter Vince. And, beside the two, Park Jimin, Teddy Park, Kush and 24…

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  • SHOONG! – Taeyang feat. Lisa of Blackpink

    SHOONG! – Taeyang feat. Lisa of Blackpink

    The Korean Pop collaboration expands with this new collaboration featuring Lisa from BLACKPINK and Taeyang from BIGBANG. The song, titled Shoong! will feature these two artists, who will be collaborating independently from their bands.

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  • Indian COVID Variant Entered the Philippines

    Indian COVID Variant Entered the Philippines

    Indian COVID Variant Entered the Philippines – Latest News! The Philippines’ health ministry announced on Tuesday that it had discovered the first two cases of a coronavirus variant first found in India. Alethea De Guzman, director of the ministry’s epidemiology bureau, said the variant had been verified in two Filipino seafarers who returned in April from…

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  • Is It Normal to Daydream All the Time?

    Is It Normal to Daydream All the Time?

    Is It Normal to Daydream All the Time? | Maladaptive Daydreaming explained. Mind wandering has been called various names over the past 60 years such as daydreaming, thought intrusions, task irrelevant thoughts, spontaneous thought, internally generated thoughts, self-generated thought, zoning out, offline thought, unconscious thought and undirected thought etc. Despite the variety of names, mind wandering happens…

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