Best Halo-halo in the Philippines

I once lamented to a friend on how disappointed I was on going on a date to Razon’s, only to have the halo-halo and leave.

Don’t get me wrong: I did enjoy both the date, and the dessert. It was my first time ever to enter Razon’s and I felt like we didn’t make the most of the restaurant.

“That’s what you go to Razon’s for,” my friend quickly replied. And no, of course that’s not true. But he wasn’t wrong either.

The halo-halo is the dish(or glass) that puts Razon’s on the map, but it’s not the only item worth your palate’s attention. I know this because I had time to glance at the menu while waiting for that one order of ours, and there was a lot more tempting me to order.

I think the place deserves credit for the rest of their menu, as well. And that’s pretty much the only reason why I felt bad, because I enjoyed the halo-halo.

But this review is about just that: the halo-halo I just felt like sharing the rest.

The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s simple. No one is trying to impress you on how many distinct ingredients they can put in it.

What they have is a treat that is familiar, cold, and most importantly good. That’s the most anyone can ask for in halo-halo, and that’s exactly what they give.

Depending on who you ask, I’m pretty sure they didn’t invent the practice of topping it with leche flan, but when you see that topping on the halo-halo, chances are you’re thinking of Razon’s’.

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