Ang Paborito Ni Boss: Share-A-Meal Program Helping A Lot of People

Our “Food For a Cause: Buy 12 Share-A-Meal” project is continuously helping a lot of people amid pandemic. We already distributed several meals for our brothers and sisters who have less to fill in their tables. Helping them is the only thing we can do during this COVID-19 crisis that worsened the situation of the less fortunate.

We are beyond grateful for those who contributed these past few weeks of PNB, giving in our little way to help others eat each day. The simple act of giving is a big way to help us survive. We believe that in times like this, it is important for others to know all the ways they can help and can give back for all the blessings they have received. Thank you for supporting our campaign to fight hunger. By buying 12pcs of PNB Wings or Tenders ensures a meal for somebody.

Every day, many of our fellow Filipinos on the poverty line are suffering not only from the threat of virus infections but also from extreme hunger. Thus, Ang Paborito Ni Boss is making an avenue to feed some of them. You can help by buying your favorite crispy and flavorful chicken.

Ang Paborito Ni Boss wants you to know that we are still launching the food for a cause campaign. To those who didn’t know yet, below are the mechanics to help:

  1. For every 12 pieces of #PNBWings or #PNBTenders the customers would purchase, they are donating three pieces of them for the feeding program.
  2. Donations collected for a day will be handing out meals for STREET CHILDREN, FOOD DELIVERY DRIVERS, OR MEDICAL FRONTLINERS by tomorrow.
  3. Then, we will post on our Facebook page “Ang Paborito Ni Boss” all the donations made each day for transparency concerns.

Besides, you can also donate more meals. Just contact us through our page. Please do support our charity project and share a meal. Thank you so much.

#LookForYourName know that you have helped someone today to fill some of those tummies that are hungry.

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