Ang Paborito ni Boss: Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

We are now in the midst of a pandemic where everyone is striving so hard to make a living. With the outbreak of novel coronavirus, the government imposed several community quarantine measures and put us on lock down for quite a long time since the first local transmission happened. In an obvious manner, we can tell that the health sector is the most affected one. The coronavirus confirmed cases are continuing to spike with a low rate of recovery percentage. Our medical workers are exhausted, some died in this battle, and hospitals are overwhelmed with numerous COVID-19 positive patients. The fact that we seem to lose the fight against the virus leads to stricter quarantine protocols. Sadly, this strategy can’t stop the rising infections and brought the Philippine economy in an alarming situation.

Besides the health sector, the country’s economy is also being destroyed by this pandemic. The crisis made our GDP sank into 16.5% in the second quarter from a year ago. Local companies were limited to operate, and they can only administer their skeleton system, our unemployment rate rose and small businesses have difficulties continuing their operation.

Our very own business, Ang Paborito ni Boss, made a lot of adjustments to cater to the public even during these trying times. When the community quarantine started, the manager thought about ways to consider the health and safety of employees while operating the business. We were once located in Sizes, a food park in Chino Roces Avenue. The owner decided to leave our stall for Makati City was under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) and people can’t go outside their homes unless it is necessary. Of course, customers will not go and enjoy themselves in a food park wherein the coronavirus can be possibly transmitted. Someone who’s in a sane mind wouldn’t put his/her life in the line just to make a food trip and have fun.

To save the business, we entered at Foodpanda, a mobile food delivery marketplace wherein customers are just a click away to make online orders whenever they wanted to. We successfully continue our business and generate revenues amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Most importantly, our staff didn’t lose their job knowing that it’s hard to earn money because of the crisis. Our boss lotted a staff house for them to avoid outside exposure, and they are only allowed to go home on weekends. Now, we are also with Lalafood to widen our product delivery services. Our Facebook page ‘Ang Paborito ni Boss’ and Instagram account @pnbwings are always available too for orders and inquiries.

Talking about our system and non-kitchen operations, the manager handles the business properly by using a software system. This virtual office contains all the assigned tasks and their equivalent value for the salary quota. The task-oriented system made it possible for the manager to monitor the business without doing it physically and avoid frequent meetings with the workers at the same time. An office online system will get the spotlight in economic activities as we are now slowly coping with the ‘New Normal’ scenario.

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