Ang Paborito Ni Boss: Foodpanda Best Recommendations



Ang Paborito Ni Boss (PNBWings) is more than just a restaurant that just caters to its customers or Mga Ka-Paborito.


We are also ordering a lot of food from FOODPANDA for the PNB Team who are behind our crispy and delicious products. Treating our staff with tasty foods is our way of giving them gratitude for doing their best to satisfy your cravings. It is also to help other restaurants in the app to promote what they sell.


Are you having a hard time deciding what to order? Once in a while when you see a comment on the review page of a restaurant that says “Paborito ni BOSS to” this means that the restaurant is averaging from 4 to 5 stars and is good.


This idea came from the owner/manager of Ang Paborito Ni Boss to assist customers who don’t have ideas about what they want to eat or are confused about what a certain food tastes like. We want you to avoid the experience of ‘expectation versus reality’ difficulties.


We hope to help you in your day to day selection of food.


Below is an example:


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