Samsung Note 8 Gets the latest Android One:

Samsung has started rolling out the new Android One for Note 8 giving the new feel and look present on Note 9 and S10 Devices.

However, there are some differences between the N9500 and the other variants available in the market.

Things to be cautious before upgrading N9500:

  1. For some reason after switching to android one DRM videos from Netflix app as well as the NBA app became an issue when using on dex mode. If you are using your Note 8 to watch Netflix on dex then this is something to consider before upgrading.
  2. In terms of performance, it seems that there is a bit of stack up while using the phone side by side with dex.

Stylus or the S-Pen

One of the best features of the Note 8 is its S-Pen but be aware that the N9500 has a slight difference with the variants of the Note 8. The Samsung keyboard for the N9500 offers a lot more mode than the other Note 8 variants full-screen writing and character by character recognition is available on the N9500. For people who don’t use the S-Pen as much wouldn’t really feel the difference.

On the other hand, the other Samsung Note 8 variant supports the keyboard case from Samsung while the N9500 doesn’t, so be advised that before purchasing the keyboard case for Note 8 to make sure that the model number is supported.

Personally, I love the new UI for Android One by Samsung I just hope that for purposes of mobility they continue to improve the software compatibility for Dex and its apps. I think that Samsung is the closest thing for mobility in a phone especially Businessmen like me, I have successfully adjusted my day to day needs with the use of Dex.

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