Custom-Designed Shoes Supporting BLM Movement


Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement became a hot topic after the brutal death of George Floyd. He was a black American killed during an arrest outside a shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Floyd died due to suffocation for a white police officer mercilessly knelt on his neck while he was begging him to stop. He pleaded for his life until the very end, but the white murderer didn’t listen.


The killing began a lot of protest because of anger felt by people especially for the black Americans seeking justice for their fellow. Art protest became one of the powerful weapons to fight police brutality and all racially motivated violence against African-American people. Artists are proving to us that art is not limited to mere fun or entertainment, it is more than that. Art is a creative form of expression to oppose complicated structures of social culture and inequality.


Photo credits: Terence Tang’s Twitter Account

Terence Tang is a founder and creative director of Tinlun Studio, a brand dedicated to creating quality products that inspire the courage to move forward and motivation for the journey ahead. He recently made custom-designed shoes supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. Although it is not a protest, it undeniably showed a nice way of support to empower the BLM movement. Terence is a talented man who hand-painted every other aspect of the design. According to him, he did all the amazing details in just a freehand. The customized sneakers he had been working is a special project for a pro basketball player Ben Edward McLemore III, a black American shooting guard of NBA Houston Rockets. He posted a video wearing the shoes on his Twitter account with a caption “Felt great to lace up!!!” using the #BLM and he also mentioned the Tinlun Studio. Meanwhile, Terence posted on his Instagram account that his BLM sneakers are donated, “All #BLM #sneakerart for pro athletes has been donated to help advocate change by giving those with a bigger platform to make a greater impact. Excited and humbled to support such an important cause with art and footwear.” Such an incredible man.


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