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Bleach Brave Souls Beginner’s Guide


Brave Souls Beginner’s Guide:

1 – Unit Introduction
◂◃ Bleach: Brave Souls, like any other Gacha Game, has a variety of units all originating from the Anime, Anime Movies, Manga, and Novels officially related to the hit series, Bleach. If you have a favorite character within Bleach, it’s likely that the character you favor is within the game. In short, you will be able to play the game as your favorite character.

2 – Unit Rarities
◂◃ In the game, the rarity of a character is measured through stars. These stars can range from 1-star units being the lowest, to 6-star units being the highest, with the exception of Resurrection Units and Raid Units which I will be discussing in a bit.

◂◃ As you can see in the image above, you can see that each unit has a different amount of stars, with the 3-star Renji having the most stars of the 3 units provided.

3 – Unit Attributes

◂◃ In Bleach: Brave Souls, you might recognize that your character will be accompanied by a sort of colored symbol. That symbol is that characters attribute. There are 5 attributes in total within the game. Those attributes being:

  • Red – Power
  • Green – Technique
  • Blue – Speed
  • Purple – Heart
  • Orange – Mind

◂◃ The chart I will be providing below will show you which attributes are effective against which. If your character has an attribute advantage against an enemy you are fighting, the damage you do will be multiplied. If you are fighting an enemy who has an attribute advantage against your character, you will do less damage while they will be dealing more.

4 – Unit Abilities

◂◃ In Bleach: Brave Souls, there are units that deal Melee Damage, and units that deal ranged damage. Their is an easy way to tell the difference. The buttons when using a Melee unit will be color red, while Ranged units buttons will be color blue. In the images I provided below, Ichigo has red buttons while Rojuro (Or Rose) has blue buttons.

  • Ichigo

Rojuro (Rose)

◂◃ The reason it is important to determine whether a unit is Melee or Ranged is because some enemies will be more vulnerable to one or the other. However, do not let this stop you from experimenting around. Also, there are cases where a Melee Unit may have a Ranged Attack and a Ranged Unit may have a Melee attack.

5 – Unit Affiliations

◂◃ Like Attributes, Unit Affiliations play an important part in the game. They play a big part in a unit’s “Killer” ability which I will explain next. Like the anime, the current affiliations in the game are:

  • Soul Reaper
  • Arrancar
  • Hollow
  • Human
  • No Affiliation
  • Captain
  • Espada
  • Zero Squad
  • Quincy
  • Stern Ritter

◂◃ There will also be units that have multiple affiliations like “Soul Reaper/Captain” and so on. To see what your unit’s affiliation is, simply select your unit, and your unit’s affiliation will be seen on the top left.

6 – Unit Killers

◂◃ Unit Killers are an ability exclusive to 6-stars. Your 5-star units will unlock them upon being turned into a 6-star. As an example, I will be using Lieutenant Lisa Yadomaru, former Lieutanant of Squad 8.

◂◃ As you can see in the picture above, Lisa is effective against Hollow units, meaning she will deal more damage to Hollow units. Killer abilities are like attribute advantages. If she were to go against a Hollow affiliation unit, she will deal more damage. There are many units with different killers, and multiple units with multiple killers at once. You’ll discover them as you continue to play the game.

7 – Soul Traits

◂◃ Soul Traits are basically Passive Skills for your units. These can be accessed once your character becomes a 6-star. I will be listing them all below:

  • Increased Normal Attack Hits – Flurry
  • Increased Strong Attack Hits – Frenzy
  • Increased Special Attack Hits – Bombardment
  • Increased Normal Attack Damage – Bruiser
  • Increased Strong Attack Damage – Berserker
  • Increased Special Attack Damage – Devastation
  • Increased Normal Attack Range – Long Reach
  • Increased Strong Attack Range – Havoc
  • Increased Special Attack Range – Blast Zone
  • Confuse Effect – Confounding Spirit
  • Slow Effect – Shaking Spirit
  • Attack Debuff – Weaken Attack
  • Defense Debuff – Weaken Defense
  • Increased Probability of Inflicting Status Ailment – Disabler
  • Increased Duration of Status Ailment – Debilitator
  • Take Hits while still being able to attack – Poise
  • Increased Normal Attack Speed – Adrenaline
  • Increased Vortex Attack Damage – Black Hole
  • Increased Buff Skill Duration Time – Enhancer
  • Increased Healing Skill Effect – Healer
  • Ability to Heal Othes – Medic
  • Increased Flash Step Distance – Long Stride
  • Increased Number of Flash Steps – Sprinter
  • Starts Quest with a Barrier – Start Barrier

– What they look like in the Soul Tree:

8 – Raid Units

◂◃ Raid Units can be recognized through their Silver Stars. They are used for powering up your six-star units. They will look like this:

◂◃ As you can see in the image above, they seem like a normal unit, but their stars are covered with silver. They cannot be evolved into 6-star units.

◂◃ To see which Raid Characters your unit requires, simply visit your units Soul Tree. I will be using Former Captain Kisuke Urahara as an example:

  • Soul Traits

Upon Tapping a Soul Trait

9 – Resurrection Units

◂◃ When I say “Resurrection Units,” I mean the ability to “Resurrect” a character. You will unlock this option upon raising that unit to level 200. If you’re still new to the game, you won’t really need to know about this just yet. Resurrection is currently only available to older units. It is technically a rarity above six-star. For this, I will be used an old version of Ulquiorra as an example.

  • Before Resurrection

◂◃ Once you press the Resurrection option, it will prompt you to begin a quest. Once begun, you will have to defeat the unit you’re trying to Resurrect. Your Special will be disabled, so this fight will require skill alone. After successfully completing the quest, your characters stars will now be coated in Red, and will be much stronger than before.

  • After completing Resurrection

10 – Units as an Orb Source

◂◃ This game is very generous with it’s Orbs, despite popular belief. Every single unit in the game is a source of Orbs, even your 1-star units. To obtain these orbs, you simply need to max out your characters level. The chart below will show exactly how many Orbs you will obtain depending on the Rarity of your character.

◂◃ I’ve also recently heard that people were concerned as to whether you’d still receive Orbs after Resurrecting a character. My answer to that is yes, you will receive Orbs upon maxing them out. You will only be able to obtain Orbs from characters you’ve never maxed out before, unless that unit has a different attribute.

11 – Brave Souls In-Game Terminology

◂◃ After playing the game for a bit, you may have come across terms such as NAD, SAD, and SAR. These are actually the name of builds people use in-game to further power up their characters. These terms and there meanings:

  • NAD – Normal Attack Damage
  • SAD – Strong Attack Damage
  • SAR – Strong Attack Recharge
  • DR Builds
  • HYBRID Builds

◂◃ These are terms that are used when determining whether a unit specializes in dealing Normal Attack Damage or Strong Attack Damage. To determine this, you simply need to deduce which stat for that unit is the highest. If that unit’s ATK is higher than it’s SP stat, it’s a NAD unit. If that units SP is higher than it’s ATK stat, that unit is a SAD unit. I will be using both Stark and Barragan as examples of NAD and SAD units.

  • Stark (NAD Unit)

Barragan (SAD Unit)

◂◃ As you can see, Stark has a higher ATK stat compared to his SP stat, making him specialize in dealing Normal Attack Damage. Barragan on the other hand, has a higher SP stat compared to his ATK stat, making him specialize in dealing Strong Attack Damage.

◂◃ Now you may be wondering as to why I haven’t mentioned SAR at all. SAR isn’t something you need to worry about if you’re just starting off. It’s basically how you build your character so that you’re constantly able to use your super attacks more consistently, while still dealing a significant amount of damage. This isn’t too important until you’ve gotten further into the game. There are also the terms, HYBRID Builds and DR Builds as I mentioned, but I will further discuss that in my upcoming Accessory guide.

12 – Link Slots

◂◃ Link slots are an important factor in Bleach: Brave Souls. Link Slots are what you use to help build your character depending on if they’re NAD or SAD units. As you can see with Lieutenant Lisa Yadomaru below, I’ve assigned her links with the sole purpose of increasing her Strong Attack Damage output.

◂◃ You can also level up your Link Slots with Link Potions. And if you’ve heard from the community, it’s absolute hell when farming them, unless you’ve become strong enough to easily obtain them. The purpose of doing this is so that, when assigning a unit of the same attribute to that Link Slot, you’ll obtain a partial amount of that units stats. For this, I will be using our BeLoveD chAiR SamA~ as an example:

  • His Link Slot Levels and Stats Gained

◂◃ As you can see, because the units being used as links possess the same attribute, he gains a partial amount of that units stats when assigned to a leveled-up Link Slot. The amount of stats gained from a Link Slot will depend on the Level of that Link Slot, with the maximum level being 10.

13 – My Personal Recommendations

◂◃ As you know, there is an efficient way to go about things in this game, as there is every other game. However, if you aren’t interested in this, please go ahead and play however you like. Enjoy the game, and play with your favorite characters!

– Focus on 5 star units, and powering them up whether they interest you or not.

– Gather powerful accessories to become capable of participating in end-game content.

– Save up your Orbs. Don’t fall for “bait” banners.

– Don’t “reroll” if you already have a good selection of characters. It’s a waste of time, unless you’re the type to trade accounts with other traders.

SOURCE (https://aminoapps.com/c/ba/page/blog/bleach-brave-souls-unit-guide/r0qw_bNvHeum7g6Rg52V38aKxEgRP4BZkgd)   (Bleach Brave Souls Beginner’s Guide, marvill.com)    

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